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seallynx_pointtorbieUpdate: kitten has been sold. Available seal point queen


Kittens Zingy

kittens-zingytorbieUpdate: kittens has been sold. Available seal point queen (right picture). Zingy delivered 6 babies . Zingy lives at host family where she and her babies will get alot of attention.

See the pictures here

Expected kittens

kittenskittensKittens expected of April's destiny and Macho / Kittens expected of minka and Indigo.
See the pictures here


Oliver_GOur Ragdoll cats if they are healthy once a year a litter, and these kittens are available for staff who promised us good to take care of the kitten for the rest of his/her life.

Of course, the kittens away stay until they are 13 weeks, and they are fully vaccinated and dewormed several times. Also, the kitten have a (registered) chip which is also listed on their pedigree and their passports. Furthermore, they get a health certificate from our vet, and a kitten pack. We are members of the Cats and Tulips where we apply our pedigrees. We adhere to the rules of conduct which these associations have compiled. If you want to know more about this beautiful cat breed, feel free to get acquainted with our ragdolls in Sliedrecht, call or email us for an appointment

Our Ragdolls like to introduce themselves to you.



Pointed ragdolls are born white, after an few days there ears and tail began to color.

The minks are born already light colored and the solids are born already colored they way they will be when they are adult. Ragdolls are fully mature and colored when they are 4 years old.


About Tajeschidolls Ragdoll Cattery

home-welkom We are a small cattery with both a non-Pointed Pointed Ragdolls. Our kittens grow up in a domestic environment, where they get used to dogs, cats and children.

Every year, our males and females tested for HCM, PKD and CIN.

Laatste Nieuws

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De Site is weer geupdate.
Nieuwe poesjes en katers in de cattery.Eerste kittens van 2016 worden binnenkort verwacht. 

Er is ook een planning gemaakt. Voor meer info neem dan contact met ons op.

6 new babies

Zingy delivered 6 babies. One seal piont queen is available. (right picture)

Zingy lives at host family where she and her babies will get alot of attention.

Kitten beschikbaar
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Update: Kittens zijn verkocht

Beschikbaar seal mink Poesje geboren 22 maart 2015.








The Ragdoll



Some pic s of kittens that are already placed.If you are interested in an beautyful kitten take an look at the kitten page.

For more information you can email me or call me

Do you want to make a reservation for a kitten?

Kittens stay with us until 13 weeks they are vaccinated 2 times and chipped and wormed multiple times and they have a pedigree. The kittens grow up in the living room with the other ragdolls and a small dog.

Want to learn more about a cute kitten, or want to reserve a kitten.
Please email me at je.schippers@planet.nl, complete the reservation form or call 06-42677196 or 0184-411215